Flights to Luxor from the UK

You can travel direct to Luxor from Heathrow, Gatwick and some key regional airports - see the panel on the left for some examples of flight prices from London, Manchester and Birmingham. If you can't find a direct flight, a flight to Cairo plus transfer might be an alternative approach.

LATEST NEWS - As from November 3, Easyjet ( flies to Luxor from Gatwick with prices from £125 return.

It's easy to find good value flights to Luxor online, and sometimes from a smaller travel agent. There are a number of scheduled flights to Luxor and most of the major tour operators will offer 'flight only' deals on their charter flights.

Be aware that flights from the UK usually depart on Mondays or Wednesdays, so if members of your group are travelling from different airports, it is worth checking that you all have the same departure day.


A visa is required for visitors from most countries. Visas are available in advance but visitors from some countries, including the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and Canada, can arrive without a visa and get one on arrival. Most tourists do this.

Children need their own visa if they have their own passport. Children do not need a separate visa if they are on a parent's passport. It is one visa per passport, not one visa per person.

Please Note that the above is based on the currently known information as we publish this website. You are advised to check with your travel provider or embassy for the most up-to-date details.

Luxor Airport

Luxor's new international airport (IATA code LXR) has typical airport shops and facilities. Luxor is well connected to the rest of Egypt with plentiful internal flights to Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh and Aswan.

Transfer to / from the airport

The transfer from Luxor airport to our apartment is approx 30 mins by taxi and it is very easy to pick up a taxi outside the airport, however you do need to be very careful to agree a price before you get in to a taxi - make sure you agree a price for the whole vehicle and not per person and no extra for luggage. Be prepared to haggle - you may be asked for LE100 to begin with, but you need only pay between LE40 and LE50 (£4 to £6)

Alternatively, we are more than happy to make transfer arrangements for you using a very reliable driver that we have come to know and trust. Ahmed speaks very good English and is extremely accommodating and will make himself available to you for the duration of your stay if you wish. We have found him reliable and his rates are very reasonable.

Note - When you arrive at the resort you will need to report to the Admin Office where they will book you and and hand over your keys.